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Iron Box basic knowledge noun explanation

Empty tank (CAN): A metal container made of food or drink and sealed.

Three-piece can (three-piece can): A metal container consisting of three main parts of the tank lid, the tank body and the bottom of the tank.

Two-piece tank (two-piece can): A metal container consisting of two main parts of a bottom tank body and a jar cover, with a shallow flush tank, a deep flush tank and a thinning stretch tank. Round tank (round can): A metal canister with a circular cross-section. The tank diameter is smaller than the tank height called the vertical round tank, the tank diameter is larger than the tank height is called the flat tank.

(at either end of the tank, the neck is retracted).

necking tank (Necked-in can): a tank with a narrow cross-section at one end or both ends of the tank can be used with a smaller lid or tank bottom, divided into a single necking and multiple necking tanks.

Combination tank (composite can): tank, lid and tank bottom with different kinds of materials to form a tank.

Tin cans (plain tinplate can): Metal cans made of tinned thin steel plates with no coating on the inner wall of the tank.

Paint cans (lacquered tinplate can): Metal cans made of tinned thin steel sheets with paint on the inner wall of the tank. Resistance welding tank (resistance welding can): the steel plate of the seam of the tank is lapped with each other, and the three-piece jar welded with resistance welding machine.

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